AMT 600

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The power-packed AMT 600 delivers high payload and exceptional hauling performance. Built with rugged components to withstand the rigors of off-road travel, the AMT 600 can navigate desert, swamp, forest, tundra and more to reach remote locations.



AMT 600 Engine

The AMT 600 is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 diesel engine rated at 250-horsepower at 2,200 RPM.

Universal Attachment System

AMT 600 Universal Attachment System

The AMT features a convenient, easy-to-use universal attachment system that is designed to accept a wide array of equipment on an open rear chassis.

Work Environment Customization

AMT 600 Work Environment Customization

The AMT can be customized for optimal performance in its intended climate and environment, with special modifications for construction, arctic, desert, swamp, forest, railroad and mountain use.

Rugged Design

AMT 600 Rugged Design

Built with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame, the AMT is designed to traverse difficult off-road terrain.


AMT 600 Payload

The AMT 600 delivers a high payload capacity of up to 45,000 pounds depending on attachment and application, providing impressive performance when hauling fuel, water, dirt, supplies, personnel and more.


AMT 600 Drive

The AMT 600 is a 6-wheel-drive vehicle with front axle disconnect for 4-wheel drive mode.

Transmission and Axles

AMT 600 Transmission Axles

An efficient Dana 6-speed powershift transmission features a twist grip shifter. Heavy-duty AxleTech rigid planetary axles include a driver-controlled differential lock.

High-Strength Trunnion

AMT 600 High Strength Trunion

The high-strength trunnion design is engineered for smooth articulation in practically any working environment.

Wheel Wells

AMT 600 Wheel Wells

Wheel wheels block mud and sand from accumulating around the operator platform.

Tow Eyes & Hitch

The AMT includes tow eyes at the front of the vehicle and a pintle hitch on the rear.

Steel-Reinforced Hood

AMT 600 Steel Reinforced Hood

Steel-reinforced hood and roof protects operators, and the machine itself, to help safely reach their destination.

Quiet 2-Person Cab

AMT 600 Quiet 2 Person Cab

An ergonomically enhanced 2-person ROPS cab features easy-to-reach operational controls and a streamlined design for clear visibility. Fully enclosed with a 68 dB sound rating, the all-weather cab includes heating and air conditioning, Bluetooth/AM-FM audio system, front and rear wipers with washers, and interior lights.

Steering Column with Display

AMT 600 Steering Column Display

Steering column includes a 7-inch monitor featuring a digital gauge cluster with onboard diagnostics, digital maintenance log, and digital manual access. It also includes an integrated display for the optional backup camera.


AMT 600 Visability

A streamlined front end angle offers panoramic visibility, enhancing safety when transporting personnel or supplies to off-road locations.


AMT 600 Headlights

The AMT includes front LED lights with high and low beams, LED brake lights, and LED directionals. The exterior of the cab is also equipped with front and rear LED work lights, and flashing amber beacon lights.

Electrical System

Updated electrical system allows for fast and easy servicing when time is of the essence.

Fuel Tank

AMT 600 Fuel Tank

60-gallon (227 L) fuel tank capacity allows for longer operating intervals.



Tractor, construction, terra or sand tires are available to accommodate travel on varying terrains. Other tire options available upon request.

Front End Attachments

Front push blade, hydraulically lowered and raised
Front mounted hydraulic winch with fairlead, push button operation from cab with hydraulic free spool
150' (45.7 m) AmSteel-Blue synthetic winch rope rated to 38,000 lbs + (17,237 kg)
Heavy-duty front bumper/brush guard

Auxiliary Hydraulics

24 GPM (91 LPM) @ 2,500 PSI (172 bar)
Additional capacity available for systems requiring more flow or pressure

Transmission PTO

For using full engine horsepower for driving stationary equipment such as drill hydraulic systems.

Backup Camera

Enhance visibility further with a backup camera viewable on the 7-inch display in the steering column.


Underbody skid plate package
FOPS guard with solid steel top plate provides falling object protection and sun reflection for cooler cab
Front cab-mounted 40" (102 cm) LED light bar
Custom colors


Bare Chassis

AMT 600 Chassis

The AMT 600 is available as a bare chassis. Standard or custom attachments can be added at any time.


AMT 600 Fuel Tank Attachment

Designed for carrying up to 2,600 gallons of diesel fuel or water, the T-Tank features a flat top cargo area, integrated side storage compartments, and lockable hose/pump cabinets. (AMT 400 model shown)

Oval Tank

AMT 600 Water Tank Attachment

Designed for carrying up to 4,500 gallons of diesel fuel or water, the oval tank has a low center gravity and offers spray nozzles for dust control applications.

Dump Bed

AMT 600 Dump Bed Attachment

Currently in development to offer up to 15.5 to 16 cubic yards of carrying capacity.

Flat Bed

AMT 600 Flat Bed Attachment

Available in 102" wide x 234" long or 120" wide x 234" long sizes, the flat bed has removable side rails and is compatible with knuckleboom cranes. Other available features include storage compartments and a double folding retractable ladder. (AMT 400 model shown)

Service & Lube Station

AMT 600 Lube Station Attachment

The service and lube station features a host of product delivery systems, including tanks for diesel (575 gal), oil (100 gal), coolant (175 gal), grease (400 lbs) and e-vac (200 gal). It is a steel-constructed body platform with sheet metal roof structure. A drop style reel compartment includes a drip rail for nozzles. It also includes ancillary equipment such as an air compressor, pressure washer, welder and crane.

Personnel Carrier

AMT 600 Personnel Carrier

The 18-passenger, ROPS certified personnel carrier is available open or enclosed (with heat and air conditioning). The unit includes safe, slip-resistant steps and molded high back seats with safety harnesses.

Pipe Trailer

AMT 600 Pipe Trailer

Utility Bed




Custom Solutions

The AMT 600 is a multi-purpose machine that can adapt to your custom ideas.