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The SD350 is ARDCO’s skid mounted, vane-style water rotary drill rig. Powered by hydraulic pumps driven by auxiliary power or truck engine, the skid drill is ideal for seismic drilling on land up to 350 feet (107 meters) deep. The SD350 can be mounted on an ARDCO 4x4, on-road truck, or rubber tracked crawler.



The welded tubular steel mast is raised and lowered by dual hydraulic cylinders with a mechanical lock mechanism.

Top Drive Rotary

ARDCO’s heavy-duty, vane style top drive rotary is equipped with a roller bearing guide assembly. Featuring a swivel and designed for use with a saver sub, the unit travels up and down by chain and sprocket. Standard with manual operated bowl and slips (optional hydraulic clamp), and manual operated break-out sleeve with internal J-slot (optional hydraulic sleeve). Rotary is balanced to automatically rotate out for easy pipe loading.

Hydraulic System

A large-capacity, 300-liter hydraulic reservoir includes minimum 30 micron filtration. Pilot controlled hydraulic valves provide fine control for precise drilling operation.

Oil Cooler

Hydraulic oil cooler assembly allows drilling at 55 degrees Celsius ambient temperature.


Top drive rotary is mounted on a chain and sprocket system and driven by a hydraulic motor. It offers variable speed from 0 to 30 meters per minute and pull-up/pull-down force of at least 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg).

Mud Pump

Driven by a hydraulic motor, the 3 x 2 x 13 heavy-duty centrifugal mud pump features a bronze alloy impeller that is resistant to sand cavitations.

Hole Loader

Hydraulic motor-driven hole loader winch, complete with 250 feet (76 meters) of 3/16-inch aircraft cable, steel weight with brass tip, and snatch block pulley.

Control Panel

Located at the left rear of the drill, a user-friendly control panel includes an emergency shutdown system with electrical engine stop.

Pipe Rack

Heavy-duty on-board pipe storage rack provides capacity for 32 pipes.

Drilling Pipes

The SD350 is designed to use standard 2 3/8-inch Mayhew Junior drill pipe up to 10 feet (3 meters) long.

Work Light

Work light on the drill mast provides ample lighting for excellent visibility.


Drill comes standard with white paint.