Customer Testimonials

We can talk all day about how tough our equipment is, but you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Hear what customers have to say about their ARDCO vehicles.

The AMT 600 with its pipe trailer is a workhorse. The machine is loved by our operators because it is efficient, works fast in the worst of conditions, and needs little maintenance. It is the best wheeled pipe carrier on the market today.

Jude Guidry
MPG Pipeline Contractors, LLC

Several years ago we had a project on an island in south Louisiana. There was no offloading dock to get the rig from the barge, so the barge was pushed up against the bank and an excavator was used to pull soil to the barges to make a ramp. The buggy began to sink as it was being driven off the barge, but the four-wheel drive and power of the equipment got it on high ground. The project was completed on time thanks to the equipment.

Jim Porter
Ardaman & Associates, Inc.
K 4x4 with C-1000 Drill

We needed the drills for a shot hole project in Arkansas with rough, wooded terrain and uneven ground. The ARDCO drills with the correct tires were light enough to manage the soft areas and had ample power to climb the steep inclines. The drills are fast and have plenty of power, and the ARDCO vehicles are easy to maintain with excellent customer support and parts availability.

Steve Hammond
K 4x4 with C-1000 Drill

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