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ARDCO’s SD350 drill is an industry standard for geophysical, geothermal and geotechnical drilling. For other applications, ask us about the ARDCO skid drill, which offers custom specs to accommodate a variety of other needs.



The machine features two strands of heavy-duty industry standard 4-inch pitch track chain per pontoon with cleats of marine-grade 6061 T-6 3-inch aluminum channel with .438-inch web. The chain roller paths are lined with hardened, abrasive resistant steel matching the hardness of the chain rollers. One ultra-high molecular weight plastic track wear pads per cleat run on Hardox lined steel channels on the pontoon bottoms. The maximum ground pressure is 1.5 psi or less. The vehicle deck covers the tracks and drive chains for safety.


The pontoons are constructed of marine-grade steel and with five separate, sealed flotation compartments with two inspection plugs per pontoon and one fold-up ladder on each side of the machine for access to the deck. Hardox lined wear plate runners are installed on the pontoon bottoms. Four hook rings (two at front and rear) are provided. The pontoons are painted with a two-part epoxy corrosion protection paint, and the inside of the pontoons are coated with Denso paste.


Each pontoon is approximately 4 feet wide, 4 feet high and 26 feet long. Pontoons are constructed of marine grade steel plate with 10 gauge tops, sides and bottoms. The width measured from the outside of the tracks is 14 feet. The overall dimensions are 29’ long X 14’ wide X 12’ 6” high.


The deck is 14 feet wide and 24 feet long with a payload capacity of 12,000 lbs, less the drill and detachable, 42-inch hand railings. Total weight with 12,000 lb payload is about 40,000 lb. It features all I-beam and box tubing steel welded construction with expanded metal decking.


The unit includes a water-cooled Caterpillar C6.6 turbo charged diesel engine with 180-225 horsepower at 2200 rpm. It has a heavy-duty radiator; heavy-duty 12V 75 amp (min) alternator with battery mounted above deck in a lock box with lead protectors. Standard equipment includes electronic hot water temperature and low oil pressure alarms.

Drive System

Pump drive –Triple pad pump drive with 1:1 ratio rated at 300 HP
Pumps – Sauer Danfoss (Sunstrand) 90 series variable displacement piston pump
Motors – Sauer Danfoss (Sunstrand) 50 series single speed motors
Gearboxes – Funk Model F9 sealed planetary
Travel controls – Independent hydraulic travel controls

Operators Station

Amphibious units have a single-man open cab. Also available is an enclosed cabin with air conditioning and heat, necessary gauges and travel controls, and four fog lights. There is one operator seat and two passenger seats.

Oil Cooler

The machine features a remote mounted industrial oil cooler with a hydraulic powered fan.


The front-mounted winch is hydraulically driven with a 10,000-pound (4,545 kilos) line pull capacity and 165 feet (50 meters) of ½ inch steel cable with safety hook and fair leads.

Fuel Capacity

Refueling is kept to a minimum with a 100-gallon fuel capacity.

Grade Ability

Amphibious units have 100 percent grade ability with total weight of machine with 12,000-pound payload. Weight distribution is such that the machine floats with 20% freeboard.


First aid kit
Side mirrors
Front light
Rear stop light
Warning light
4 fog lights
Travel alarm
Lockable covers for engine, battery, drive and steering systems (accessible from the deck)
Lockable filler caps for liquid storage compartments


The 16-foot welded tubular steel mast is designed for use with 10-foot (3.1 meter) drill pipe. It is raised and lowered by dual 3-inch (7.6 cm) hydraulic cylinders. Controls are conveniently located at the left rear of the drill frame.

Rotary Assembly

The top-head drive rotary assembly is hydraulically driven through 3-inch (7.6 cm) wide straight-tooth gears with a 5.923:1 gear ratio. The quill opening is 1-1/2 inch (3.8 cm) with a Carey modified 3-thread bottom box connection. The rotary quill is equipped with a special break-out sleeve, and the rotary assembly is aligned in the mast channels by specialized guides with roller bearings.


Two continuous #80 1-inch (2.5 cm) roller chains are hydraulically actuated through a Ramsey 35YR gearbox. The dual-crown idler sprocket assemblies are held by stress-proof shafts mounted in pillow blocks with adjusting bolts. The unit is also equipped with specialized heavy-duty turnbuckles for correct chain tension and rotary alignment. It offers a speed of up to 100 feet (30.5 m) per minute and pull-up/pull-down force of 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg).

Hydraulic System

A direct-drive, three-stage gear pump powers the pull-down and rotary. The K4x4 comes standard with large-capacity hydraulic valves and high-pressure hoses. Additionally, the 80-gallon hydraulic reservoir includes 10 micron filters.

Mud Pump

The K4x4 is equipped with a Centerline hydraulic mud pump with a continuous flow rate of 150 gpm (1,567 lpm) and 0-200 psi.

Hole Loader

The cable drum is loaded with 250 feet (76.2 m) of ¼-inch (6.4 mm) cable. It comes with a mast-mounted cable pulley and weight, and is hydraulically driven by a Char-Lynn motor.

Pipe Rack

A heavy-duty pipe storage rack is located on the right side of the drill unit.

Headache Rack

A vertically adjustable headache rack is located at the front of the drill frame.



The amphibious unit comes standard with white paint, but custom paint is available upon request.